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Grid Ref: NZ014990   Aspect: N   Routes: 15   Max Length: 11   Average Length: 7
Altitude: 375 mtrs   Walk in: 35 mins   Bike in: 20 mins   Bike out: 10 mins

To reach the crag follow the same approach as for Ravensheugh but at the fence with the now missing stile turn right and follow the path down hill for about 250m until the right end of the crag is reached. The first routes are best approached by a diagonal descent to the right to the lowest rocks.


This well hidden crag is situated only a short distance from Ravensheugh but cannot be seen from any of the approach paths, which only adds to its secluded nature. It is of similar rock to its larger neighbour but also offers some quite unique features of its own and many good routes that would make it well worth a visit were it cleaned up!


Fell Sandstone Carboniferous, Dinantian

Badly in need of major cleaning and traffic.



The routes are marred by the generally scruffy nature of the rock. Some major cleaning would be required and the place seems unlikely to ever get sufficient traffic to keep it clean.

No recorded problems.


The history of this interesting and completely overlooked crag seems lost in the realms of time. The recent developments reported here were carried out by a number of teams but were initiated by a tip off from a member of the NMC. It is probable that some of easier routes many have done before but all the names are those recorded by the modern ascentionists.