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Grid Ref: NU084225   Aspect: ALL   Problems: 2
Altitude: 200 mtrs   Walk in: 25 mins   Bike in: 10 mins   Bike out: 10 mins   Route quality: Poor

There are two starting points, Old Bewick to the SW or Quarryhouse to the NE. In either case follow the bridleway signposted to Blaewearie. Bike: A mountain bike can be taken along the bridleway between Old Bewick and Quarryhouse, more easily from the Old Bewick direction.


Blaewearie is a remote, ruined farmhouse on Old Bewick moor. It is a popular focus for walkers and gets heavily populated at summer weekends. All in all this is a very beautiful spot and well worth stopping off for an explore.

Rock:  [edit]

Fell Sandstone Carboniferous, Dinantian

Good but lichenous

Routes/Bouldering:  [edit]

No recorded routes.


There are several large boulders in the vicinity of the ruins and it might just about be possible to sneak in a few problems around VS if you are in the vicinity with aunty Ethel. The rocks on the moor at the back of the house are the remains of an old quarry and don't amount to anything.


Climbing-wise, nothing in particular. History-wise, there are conflicting stories about the inhabitants of the house but there MUST be ghosts here.