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Welcome to Northumberland Climbing Online

The free climbing guide that you can edit.

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Welcome to Northumberland Climbing The free climbing guide that you can edit.

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Where would you like to climb? Find a crag near you.

Together with our guidebooks this constitutes a definitive guide to climbing in Northumberland and provides the most regularly updated information about all aspects of rock-climbing in the North East area of England and the borders of Scotland.

We're currently in the process of porting over the old guidebook database into a new platform - you can access a static copy here of the old website.

This guide compliments the definitive guides "Northumberland Climbing Guide" and "Northumberland Bouldering" both published by the NMC.

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Security The road that passes Bowden and which we usually approach the crag from is closed until the 27th July.
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  • Full area map
  • Sustainability
  • Access
  • Grades
  • History
  • Takeaway guides are available for all of the minor crags with recorded routes
  • Additional information on the major crags
  • First Ascent details, where known
  • New routes and problems
  • Details of some routes which never made it into the guidebooks
  • Photos, including 1st ascent photos
  • Up to date access information, maintained by the BMC access rep
  • Camp sites
  • "The crags before the climbers" - the archaeology of the crags, by Derek Cutts
  • SSSI status of all crags is shown.