Tyne and Wear

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This is an urban area with a small amount of surprisingly good rock, and some right old rubbish to go with it. Because of the thick covering of boulder clay across the area, all of the climbable outcrops are either sea cliffs, or quarries. North of the river we have good bouldering at Jesmond Dene and some VERY unsafe and ever-disappearing routes at the deservedly maligned Crag Point at Seaton Sluice, whilst south of the river we have short routes and bouldering at Lonnen Quarry and the Cove at South Shields, and routes at Causey Quarry just outside Sunniside. There is also a good (and free) artificial boulder at Whickham Thorns - handy when the rest of the family are spending money at the Metro Centre.

Causey Quarry Whickham Thorns Jesmond Dene