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Welcome to The Northumberland Climbing Wiki

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Together with our guidebooks this constitutes a definitive guide to climbing in Northumberland and provides the most regularly updated information about all aspects of rock-climbing in the North East area.

We're currently in the process of porting over the old guidebook database into a new platform - you can access a static copy here of the old website.

This guide compliments the definitive guides "Northumberland Climbing Guide" and "Northumberland Bouldering" published by the NMC.

  • Full area map
  • Sustainability
  • Access
  • Grades
  • History
  • Takeaway guides are available for all of the minor crags with recorded routes
  • Additional information on the major crags
  • First Ascent details, where known
  • New routes and problems
  • Details of some routes which never made it into the guidebooks
  • Photos, including 1st ascent photos
  • Up to date access information, maintained by the BMC access rep
  • Camp sites
  • "The crags before the climbers" - the archaeology of the crags, by Derek Cutts
  • SSSI status of all crags is shown.
Northumberland Crags
Crag Name Aspect Routes Average Length PDF Guide
Aid Crag North 17 9m
Back Bowden Doors West 88 10m
Back Harbottle Crag
Keb West 1 6m
Bowden Doors West 151 9m
Rimside South 48 2m Download
Aid Crag North 15
Berryhill S 73
Bizzle Crags E 21
Bowden Doors West 302
Boyes Quarry SW 6
Bromlee Lough Crag 3
Callerhues SW 132
Cawfields Crag 2
Coe Crag North 26
Corbies Fortress 14
Corby's Crag West 123
Crag Lough North 104
Crag Point 0
Cullernose Point S 21
Curtis Crag NW 42
Drake Stone 18
Dunsdale Crag 0
East Woodburn SW 36
Goats Buttress 0
Goats Crag S 104
Great Dour Crag W 0
Great Wanney NW 104
Hard Heugh 3
Harehope Canyon SE 28
Harehope Quarry 1
Hareshaw Lynn 0
Heckley Crag E 37
Henhole Crags S 37
Housey Crags SW 0
Howlerhirst Crag West 29
Jack Rock North 38
Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out) SW 152
Kyloe-in-the-woods (Kyloe-In) S 169
Langlee Crags 0
Linshiels One S 19
Linshiels Three North 12
Little Wanney NW 7
Maiden Chambers 7
Old Stell Crag (Simonside) 24
Padda Crag S 46
Peel crag North 92
Potts Buttress (Simonside) West 27
Queens Crag NW 103
Ratcheugh Crag West 45
Ravens Crag West 91
Ravensheugh Crag North 150
Rothley Crag West 234
Sandy Crag West 41
Selby's Cove SW 18
Church Rock (Simonside) North 10
Simonside North Face North 110
South Yardhope Crag NW 40
The Tipalt North 14
Thrunton Crag NW 29
Titlington Mount 7
Tosson Hill 9
Vindolanda Quarry 26
Whiteheugh Crag SW 20
Wolf Crag North 41
Tyne and Wear
Crag Name Aspect Routes Average Length PDF Guide
Jesmond Dene South & West 6 2m
Causey Quarry North 39 15m
The Cove East 10 2m
Cleadon Quarry West 34 5m
Whickham Thorns All 52 5m