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Welcome to Northumberland Climbing Online

The free climbing guide that you can edit.

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Welcome to Northumberland Climbing
The free climbing guide that you can edit.

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Together with our guidebooks this constitutes a definitive guide to climbing in Northumberland and provides the most regularly updated information about all aspects of rock-climbing in the North East area of England and the borders of Scotland.

We're currently in the process of porting over the old guidebook database into a new platform - you can access a static copy here of the old website.

This guide compliments the definitive guides "Northumberland Climbing Guide" and "Northumberland Bouldering" both published by the NMC.


Security The contractors conducting the felling have either ‘got behind’ or under estimated the volume of work involved and are going to be working Saturdays. So, until the works are concluded, which is estimated to be the end of October, it is Sundays only at Kyloe In. As ever avoid any machinery and log piles when you’re in there.
Security Timber operations have commenced in front of Kyloe In. This work restricts access to the crag during the week. Access at the weekends is OK. The work should be finished by the end of October, until then do not visit the crag during weekdays. While it’s stating the obvious, be careful around the log stacks and avoid any equipment etc.
Resolved Queens access access as previously described is OK. One of the residents in the bungalows is the suspected source of the ‘rumour’. The requirement to call in at the farm remains waived. There are two areas to park at. The first is on the level ground before the descent to the gate, the second after the gate. Either can be used.
Access Report that the ‘Landowner’ rather than the farmer at Queens Crag is going to start clamping cars, access rep investigating. In the interim please do not go to Queens Crag.
Security Lots of cattle and calves in the field on way to Back Bowden. Be very careful when crossing with bouldering pads!

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