Northumbrian Climbing Guide

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1  Easy Cave 6m M  
2  Stomach Traverse 7m D  
3  Amanda 8m HVS 5b 
4  Rubberneck 6m HVS 5b 
5  Dark Passage 15m (no adj grade) 6a 
6  Left Parallel Crack 6m VD  
7  Central Parallel Crack 6m VD  
8  Limbo 6m E1 5c 
Steve Blake (1978ish)
9  Arete-shun 6m E1 5b 
10  Right Parallel Crack 6m VD  
11  Little Idi 6m E1 5b 
12  Big Daddy 6m (no adj grade) 6a 
13  Pete's Ploy 7m E2 5b 
14  Plumbline 9m E4 5c 
15  The Judas Hole 9m E5 6a 
16  Pendulum 9m VS 4c 
17  Hanging Chimney 6m S  
18  Billy Biscuit 9m E5 6a 
19  Lapse of Reason 10m E5 6a 
20  Easter Grooves 12m E2 5b 
21  Ginger Snap 8m HVS 5b 
22  Easter Bunny 8m HVS 4c 
23  Verbal Abuse 9m E2 5c 
24  Baluster Crack 12m HVS 5b 
25  The Sandrider 15m E3 5c** (no adj grade)  
26  Castaway 13m E6 6a** (no adj grade)  
27  The Trouser Legs 15m E1 5b*** (no adj grade)  
28  Brown Trousers 15m E2 5c 
29  Agape 13m E6 6a 
30  Stay With Me 6m E2 5c 
31  Easter Crack 6m VD  
32  E Star HVS 5a 
33  Platform Route 6m VD  
34  Tea Break Wall 9m MVS  
35  Coffee Time 8m MVS 4b 
36  First Pinnacle Traverse 24m E2 5c 
37  Lazy Afternoon 8m E2 5b 
38  Pussyfoot 8m VS 5a 
39  Catwalk 10m D  
40  Felix 10m VS 5a 
41  Index Breaker 6m E3 6a 
42  Octopus E3 6b 
43  Reiver 9m E6/7 6c** (no adj grade)  
44  Smarty Pants 9m E2 5c 
45  Half Minute Crack 8m VS 5a 
46  Chasing Sheep8m E36b (no adj grade)  
47  One Boot Crack 8m VS 5a 
48  The Backdoor 5m M  
49  Crocodile ar? 14m E7 6c 
50  Honeymoon Crack 14m E3 6a 
51  Old Man River 13m E4 6a 
Steve Blake, Paul Stewart (1978ish)
52  Trial Separation 18m E4 6b 
53  Rock and Roll Star 18m E5 6a 
54  Candle in the Wind 18m E3 5c ***
55  Gates of Eden 18m E2 5c 
56  Paradise Lost 12m E5 6b** (no adj grade)  
57  Borstal Boy 12m E1 5b 
58  Crescent Wall 12m MVS 4b 
59  The Crescent 13m S  
60  Wide Eyed and Legless 8m E3 5c 
61  Layback 8m VD  
62  The Nark 8m MVS 4c 
63  Dawes Route 8m E5 6c 
64  The Squealer 8m E2 5c 
65  Scoop Crack 8m HS 4b 
66  Cat's Whiskers 8m HVS 5b 
67  Hot Bricks 8m E1 5c 
68  East Wall 10m S  
69  Sunny Sunday 10m E2 5c 
70  Cave Crack 11m VS 4c 
71  First Among Equals 12m E6 6b*** (no adj grade)  
72  Ravensheugh Crack 12m HVS 5a 
73  Childhood's End 13m E4 6a 
74  Wild West Show 15m HVS 5a 
  Hang em High E5 6b 
Graeme Read (5 May 5)
(Unseconded Belayed by Steve Kirkup Ive given it this grade because I feel both Redskin and Sitting Bull (both given E2) should go up a grade. The climbing on these two routes is certainly easier than Hang em High but a fall from the slab on any of the routes would result in a ground fall. I suppose you could say "Ravensheugh E4" would be more appropriate and more in keeping in line with the majority of the other extremes on the crag!)
75  Redskin 11m E3 5b 
  Lee Van Cleef 11m E4 5c  (**new**)
Simon Litchfield, Graeme Read (22 June 2013)
76  Sitting Bull 9m E3 5b 
77  Moccasin Slab 8m HVS 5a 
78  Buckskin 11m VS 4c 
79  Bonneville 6m E3 6c 
80  T.C. 6m E3 5c 
81  Mole 6m MS  
82  Just Arrested 8m E2 5b 
83  Just Ice 8m E3 6a 
84  Out On The Wall Gully 10m D  
85  Overpowered 8m E5 6c 
86  Pink Lane 8m E1 5b 
87  Facing Facts 6m E2 5c 
88  Little Leaner 6m VS 5a 
89  Bede Crack 6m MS  
90  Grease 8m E4 6a 
91  Mimic 6m E3 5c 
92  St. Cuthbert's Crack 6m VS 5a 
93  Slab Corner 9m VD  
94  Zig Zag Slab, Route 19m S  
95  Zig Zag Slab, Route 2 10m S  
96  Capstan Full Strength 6m E2 5c 
97  Capstan Crack 6m VS  
98  Funeral for a Friend 8m E4 6a 
  High Plains Drifter 8m E5 6a ** (**new**)
Graeme Read (25 June 2013)
  Bens Wall 8m E4 5c  (**new**)
Graeme Read, Simon Litchfield (11 June 2013)
99  The Convict 8m E2 5b 
100  Heather Slab 11m M  
101  The One That Got Away 8m VS 5a 
102  Green Gully 6m D  
103  Steeple Crack 6m VS 5a 
104  The Plumber 9m E4 6a 
105  The Sewer 8m S  
106  Soil Stack Crack 8m VS 5a 
107  Badger 6m S  
108  Neptune 8m VS 5a 
109  Trident Chimney 6m VD  
110  Titch 4m HVS 5b 
111  Left Hand Crack 5m S  
112  Right Hand Crack 5m S  
113  Northern Rock 6m E1 5c 
114  Northern Line 6m E3 6b 
115  Mouldy Corner 5m HS  
116  Acne Vulgaris 8m HVS 5a 
117  Sleight of Hand 6m MVS 4c 
118  Balmoral Groover 8m HVS 5a 
119  Castle Chimney 8m D  
120  Gone Fishing 9m E3 5c 
121  Rampart Crack 9m HVS 5b 
122  Wombat 9m S  
123  Battlements 12m VS 4c 
124  Pigeon's Nest Crack 9m MVS 4c 
125  Downcomer Crack 8m MVS 4c 
126  West Wall Variant 10m E1 5b 
127  Far West Chimney 10m MVS 4c 
128  Futility 13m VS 4c 
129  Scoop Right Hand 8m VD  
130  Little Crack 6m S