Northumbrian Climbing Guide

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1  Mortuary Slab HS  
2  Baptismal Fire VD  
3  Honeymoon Corner S  
4  Funeral Pyre VS  
  Jacobs Bladder 12m III 3 
Tim Catterall (4 February 2003)
(Onsight solo)
5  Jacob's Ladder VD  
6  The Egg VS  
7  Misconception HVS  
8  Conception Corner HVS  
9  Long John S  
Phillip McGill, Harry Warmington (1946ish)
10  Platform And Chimney D  
11  Yellow Slab VD  
12  Alligator Crawl HS  
  Cool Alligator 25m IV   
Richard Pow, Rick Barnes (11 January 2003)
13  The Chicken S  
14  Forgotten Wall MVS  
15  College Grooves HS  
16  Zig-Zag D  
Basil Butcher, Keith Gregory (1946ish)
17  Right Hand Rib D  
18  Grooved Corner D  
19  Continuation D  
20  Conclusion VD  
21  Conclusion Superdirect 14m E3 5c 
Richard Pow, Graeme Read (1 September2002)
(Both led)
22  The Brute HVS  
23  Fingery Jim E1  
Jim Patchett (1967ish)
24  The Arete M  
25  West Wall D  
26  Hooleys Horror 14m HVS 5b *
Graeme Read, Richard Pow (1 September2002)
27  Shelter Wall S  
28  Hooly's Delight 15m S  
29  Tombstone S  
30  Cannon Hole Direct HS  
Basil Butcher, Keith Gregory (1946ish)
31  Zeus The Mighty Bull E1 5b 
Calum Henderson, Lee Clegg (1987)
32  Black Adam's Corner D  
  Black Adams Direct VS 5a  (**new**)
Sam Wood (1 April 2009)
(Probably all the climbing on this had been done, but not recorded.)
33  Double Variation VD  
  Titus Torquous 54m IV 5 
Tim Catterall (4 February 2003)
(Onsight solo)
  Turfulator 52m IV 5 
Tim Catterall (4 February 2003)
(Onsight solo)
34  Titus Alone VD  
35  Titus Groan 30m HS  
36  Steerpike MVS  
Jim Patchett (1967ish)