Northumbrian Climbing Guide

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  The Jester VS  
  The Juggler MVS  
  Kangeroo Court E2  
  Flyover E2  
  Snap, Crackle And Plop S  
  Nice Krispies D  
  Bodger's Wall MS  
  Double Trouble MVS  
  Ramp Art VD  
  Castles In The Air VS  
  The 48 Hour Tiler HS  
  Billy Goats Gruff S  
  Troll's Recipe Book VD  
  Goat Pie HS  
  Wool Ball HS  
  Wooly Derg VS  
  Bull Wall VS  
  Bull Ring E1   Andy finishing off on the Bullring
  Triangular Slab S  
  Guano Groove VS  
  Underpass E4  
  Overdrive E3  
  Undercarriage E3  
  The Dagger HVS   A young A Birtwistle on the direct
  Twin Cam E2  
  Convoy E2  
  The White Pheasant HVS  
  Cave Wall VD  
  Wave Call HS  
  Pick Pocket VS  
  Carb Arete MVS  
  Chip Shop Crack HVS  
  Mushy Peas S  
  Belford Chip Shop VS  
  Twin Cracks MVS  
  Juggernaut E4  
  Naut-Er-Jugg VS  
  The Powerhouse Of Athleticism VD  
  Imminent Break Crisis E5  
  The Hard Shoulder E4  
  Ruth Route E5  
  Lost Arete HVS  
  Scraping In HVS 5b  (**new**) 
Simon Litchfield (February 2008)