Northumbrian Climbing Guide

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Hard Heugh
These two problems face east, level with the top of the crag. They both start from the same holds which are big chicken head/knobs
  Isolation Years 6a     Start at the chickenheads and go straight to the top.
  Somber Smile 6a     Starts from the same holds but reach out left to a flake. Make a high step and reach the top.
  No More Tears. 9m E1 6a 
The route is at the southern end of the crag, tucked into a corner. it starts on a flat rock below a short roof and big ledge. Reach up left to a good slot in the roof and pull round to good iron deposit type holds. Bust right to a good hold. Move left to the obvious tufa/flake. Twist into the flake and reach up left to a small iron deposit hold, cross over into a smaller iron deposit which enables you to reach a good flake. A high step and rock over gains a good chicken head and the break. Move back right and up to pull over the top.
Andy Cowley (15 March 20214)