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Keb Crag (Lowshieldgreen Crag) What the symbols
& colours mean
Grid Ref: NY897812   Aspect: W   Routes: 1   Max Length: 6   Average Length: 6 
Altitude: 290 mtrs   Walk in: 5 mins 
Click here for StreetMap Right of access under CRoW  
The crag is just over a kilometre west of the crossroads on the A68, 3km south of Ridsdale village. It is shown as "Lowshieldgreen Crags' on the 1:25000 pathfinder maps. Head towards Redesmouth and after 1.5km the crag can be seen on the left. Follow the path to the top of the crag
This crag takes its name from the small house, or Keb, which can be seen on the right of the picture opposite. 'Keb' is the local name for a small building used to put orphaned labs with lambless ewes to try and get the ewe to accept the lamb. In this case the small house makes the crag look quite impressive, which it is not. However, the ease of access, westerly aspect and ambience make this a pleasant spot for a potter about in the evening.
Ottercops Sandstones Carboniferous, Dinantian (Lower Limestone Group)
Friable in places
There are a couple of 6m highballs on friable rock.
A small number of easyish problems. No decent workouts.
Other interesting stuff:
The Keb was used as the scene for some TV thing with Katherine Zeta Jones. It must have made her look very big.
The crag was explored by John Dalrymple, Steve Nagy and Tim Catterall during 2000.