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High Moor What the symbols
& colours mean
Grid Ref: NU148145   Aspect: NWarning Total ban 
Altitude: 0 mtrs   Walk in: 60 mins   Bike in: 10 mins   Bike out: 10 mins 
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There is no climbing access at present as the crag is on private parkland. The walk in to High Moor would be quite considerable, about 4km from the park entrance, less if approached via the golf ball. Even if access were granted this crag would be in the "not worth the walk" category.
A line of buttresses on a hillside in the middle of Hulne Park, near Alnwick.
Fell Sandstone Carboniferous, Dinantian
Access issues:
Private parkland, climbing is forbidden at present
Some scraps of bouldering on the open moor, but the escarpment continues through the woods to underneath Brizlee Tower, where there are some mossy boulders offering potential.