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Rothbury Moors


The Rothbury Moors lie to the north of Rothbury and extend from the Thropton - Callaly road in the west to the A697 Newcastle - Wooler road in the east. The continuation of the moors to the east of the A697, Edlingham Moor, are described under Alnwick Moors because of their proximity to Alnwick. The main feature in the north eastern part of the moors is Thrunton Wood, which provides good mountain biking tracks and good access. The woods have been there since the late 19th century and only encroach on Thrunton and Callaly crags. Because the area is easily accessed by bus from Newcastle it has been explored in detail by generations of Tyneside climbers, so there are not going to be any new crags discovered. But times change and what was once dismissed as too small to bother with may provide perfect bouldering, and what was too steep and blank to attempt now gives some hard bold lines. It is an area which is still worth exploring . For accommodation and tourist information for the Rothbury area has a lot of information.
Alphabetical list of crags
Crags shown in red have full guides online, either bouldering, routes or both. The star ratings relate to the best of either type. The colours represent the rocktypes. See here for details.
CragendGimmerknowe RocksHard Heugh
Maiden ChambersRothbury QuarryShip Rock
Stell CragThrunton CragWhitefield Edge