Northumbrian Climbing Guide

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The Wanneys


This is the bleak windswept area of moorland south of Elsdon and Otterburn, east of the A68. There is a local phrase "The wilds of Wannie", which describes the area well. In the north east the moor merges into the Simonsides at Harwood forest and Elsdon Gibbet, to the west it is bounded by Redesdale and the North Tyne valley and to the south is an area of limestone moorland merging into farmland. There are some large areas of forest around, but all of the crags are out in the open and most are easily accessable.
Alphabetical list of crags
Crags shown in red have full guides online, either bouldering, routes or both. The star ratings relate to the best of either type. The colours represent the rocktypes. See here for details.
AidCurtis CragEast Woodburn (Staniel Heugh)
Fox HolesGreat WanneyKeb Crag (Lowshieldgreen Crag)
Little WanneyRayWolf