Northumbrian Climbing Guide

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Alnwick Moors


This section covers large areas of moorland to the west of Alnwick, south of the B6348 road from Wooler eastwards through Chatton. The rock is all Fell Sandstone, of variable quality from the absolutely perfect at Hangmans Rock to the soft and sandy at Caller. With the exception of the two quarries in the area, the atmosphere is classic Northumbrian, with stunning views west to the Cheviots, beautiful sunsets and acres of wilderness to get lost in. The southern most part of these moors, around Corby's Crag, is on the West to North facing slopes of Bigges Pillar, and the crags in this area take a lot of drainage from the hillside and dry slowly.
Alphabetical list of crags
Crags shown in red have full guides online, either bouldering, routes or both. The star ratings relate to the best of either type. The colours represent the rocktypes. See here for details.
BeanleyBlaewearieBoyes Quarry
Caller Crag & BouldersCloudy CragsCorbies Fortress (Corbies Crag)
Corby's BridgeCorbys CragsCorbys East
EdlinghamHangmans RockHarehope Canyon (Dove Crag)
Harehope QuarryHeckleyHepburn Woods
Hunterheugh CragLemmington WoodsOxen Wood
RedheughThe MountWhite House Rocks