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Callerhues History
Callerhues has a very short history. Although climbers had visited the crag there are no documented records of the routes ascended. In 1976 John Earl and Bob Hutchinson visited the crag and climbed the classic Callerhues Crack and the dark Callerhues Chimney. They also soloed a few, other lines. At this time the crag was in poor condition and nothing else was considered worthwhile. The crag was rediscovered later in 1978 by Tommy and Bob Smith accompanied by Pete Alderson who took it upon themselves to clean the crag up, and within three months it had yielded some fifty new routes. Other people to climb new routes were Steve Blake with Boulevard and Earl with Arkle. Although the crag was climbed regularly there were no further developments until 1979 when Bob Smith climbed Dulalai T.A.P., Sheer Temptation and the technical Crouching The Mahogany. In 1984 Alan Moist with Dave Carr popped up Toshiba Receiver. A visit to the crag in the summer of 1985 found the overhanging crack left of Callerhues Chimney cleaned but unclimbed. An on sight solo by Bob Smith gave Second Born in celebration of his daughter. 1988 saw only a couple of short routes, with Bob Smith as the author of Chouca and The Storyteller.

First Ascent List

2 September81Alternative Start,  5cBob Smith
1976TradCallerhues Chimney, VS 4cJohn Earl, Bob Hutchinson
1978TradArkle, VS 5aJohn Earl
1978TradBoulevard, E3 6bSteve Blake
1978TradQuarrel Ar?, E1 5bBob Smith
1978TradMonocle, VS 5aBob Smith
1978TradWeeping Fingers, E1 5cBob Smith
1978TradThe Storyteller, E3 6bBob Smith, John Earl
1978TradTask Master, VS 4cBob Smith
1978TradDolcis Ar?, E3 6aTommy Smith
1978TradRain Drops, E1 5bTommy Smith
1978TradTossin a Wobbler, E2 5bBob Smith
1978TradTwin Hats, E2 5cBob Smith, John Earl
1978TradRice Krispies, E3 5cTommy Smith
1978TradAir Time, E1 5bBob Smith
1978TradCold Start, VS 6aBob Smith
1978TradMicro, E2 5cBob Smith
1978TradChouca, E3 6aBob Smith
1978TradThe Thoroughbred, E3 5cTommy Smith
5 March 1978TradPolo, D Bob Smith
5 March 1978TradCut and Dried, E1 5bBob Smith
5 March 1978TradCountry Downfall, D Bob Smith
12 March 1978TradPaving, MVS 5aBob Smith
15 April 1978TradFootpath, E1 5bBob Smith
15 April 1978TradThe Mall, HVS 5aBob Smith
15 April 1978TradCoppers Nark, HVS 5aBob Smith
23 April 1978TradThe Whip, HVS 5aBob Smith
23 April 1978TradNed Kelly, E3 5cBob Smith
14 May 1978TradSide Walk, MVS 5aBob Smith
14 May 1978TradShoe Horn, HVS 5aBob Smith
21 May 1978TradPilot's Licence, E1 5bBob Smith
21 May 1978TradThe Mongrel, E3 5cBob Smith
21 May 1978TradThe Lurcher, E2 5bBob Smith
28 May 1978TradGreen Fluff, E2 6aBob Smith
 Named after the line of green fluff from Bobs top giving away the line of the route.
28 May 1978TradThe Hyena, E1 5bBob Smith
1979ishTradHandrail, VS 5b
22 1979TradHorse Play, E3 5cBob Smith
28 May 1980TradTa Mac 20m E15b, (no adj grade) Bob Smith
1984TradToshiba Receiver, E3 5cAllan Moist, Dave Carr
15 August 1984TradDulalai T.A.P., E4 6bBob Smith
15 August 1984Direct,  Bob Smith
29 August 1984TradCrouching the Mahogany 8m E4 6b Twice, (no adj grade) Bob Smith
10 July 1985TradSecond Born, E5 6bBob Smith
10 July 1985TradSheer Temptation, E4 6bBob Smith
July 1990TradShadow Players, E3 5bJohn Boyle, Gavin Ellis
July 1990TradNew Kids on the Rock, E3 6aJohn Boyle, Gavin Ellis
8 May 1994TradThunderclap, VS 5aSteve Nagy, Jim Pearson
September2005Trad40.1, E4 6aAdam Watson