Northumbrian Climbing Guide

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White House Rocks History
Despite visits from a few people since the wood was felled, nothing was recorded until John McRoberts noticed the crag and persuaded Will Walker to join him for a closer look. Chris Graham paid a visit on a sunny October day in 2007 and added half a dozen harder problems. The original guide was the work of Will Walker and additional information/photo diagrams have come from Alan Duncan and Chris Graham.

First Ascent List

Summer 2004Boudering38, 3 5cWill Walker
28 July 2004Boudering5,  5aJohn Dalrymple
June 2005BouderingMr Shifta, 5 6bAlan Duncan
June 2005Boudering12, 3+ 6aAlan Duncan
October 2007Zaba,  6bAlan Duncan
7 October 2007BouderingSpringside Seat, 3+ 6aChris Graham
7 October 2007BouderingCroc Slot Direct, 4 6aChris Graham
7 October 2007BouderingReforestation, 5+ 6cChris Graham
7 October 2007BouderingThe Preacher (V6 6b), 5 6bChris Graham
7 October 2007BouderingThe Teacher, 4+ 6bChris Graham
7 October 2007BouderingPepper Don't Preach, 6a 6cChris Graham
7 October 2007BouderingSpringworm, 4+ 6bChris Graham