Northumbrian Climbing Guide

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Aid History
Aid Crag was one of the first crags to be explored by the early Northumbrian climbers and many routes were recorded in the 1950 guidebook. This popularity may be due to the fact that in those pre-Beeching days the usual way to get to The Wanneys was to take the train to Bellingham and walk, passing Aid Crag on the way.
In the 1960's Gordon Thompson and friends added half a dozen routes. A few more were added by S Nagy, J Dalrymple and S. Madgwick in 2001 and possibly the best 2, in the quarry were added by Simon Litchfield in Sept 2009

First Ascent List

1960ishTradSick, Sick, Sick (The Beast), E1 5aGordon Thompson
1970ishTradJust A Little Green, E2 5cGordon Thompson
Summer 2001TradThompsons Rib, E1 5bSteve Nagy, John Dalrymple
Summer 2001TradMadge, S Steve Madgewick, Steve Nagy
Summer 2001TradGuilty, HVS 5aSteve Nagy
20 September2009TradICU, HVS 5bSimon Litchfield
29 September2009TradAmbulance On Standby, E3 6aSimon Litchfield 
21 May 2011TradAid and Abet, E2 5cSimon Litchfield
21 May 2011TradLegal Aid, E3 5cSimon Litchfield
21 May 2011TradLegality, E2 5cSimon Litchfield